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Welcome to our Hydraulic Drive Motor Page! We can offer new or rebuild hydraulic drive motors from many different manufacturers. Vickers, Sauer Danfoss, Rexroth, White, Char-Lynn and Eaton to name a few. If you need help evaluating your motor we can help you with that also.

Please check your component for all available numbers. Here are some hints on where to look according to manufacturer.

  • Eaton - Look on the ear of the mounting flange for a stamped number. Many will have a 5 digit number followed by a three letter code. Example would be 74624-DAR. The full model code will not be found on the motor itself.

  • Sauer Danfoss - Normally you will find a metal riveted tag on the side of the case of the motor, sometimes these do fall off. Look for a flat spot on the case. There will be a part number such as M46-2234 and most the time a model code consisting of many digits often running two or three lines on the tag. These are essential on sourcing the correct or updated unit for your application. In older series it is common to have a small rectangular tag sticking out of one of the bolts, these can break off easy. It will only have one number on it typically.

  • Vickers - There is a stamped number on the side of the backplate and at times there will be a number stamped on the ear of the mounting flange if it has been rebuilt.

  • Rexroth - Look on the brake lid or the top of the motor (opposite the output shaft). There will be a metal tag with a Part Number, Serial number and often times a Model Code. When OEM's have their number used like CAT does there will be only the OEM number is CAT format such as 358-4654. When you have a CASE motor there can be a Rexroth number, CASE number and sometimes the model code also.

  • Char-Lynn - Look on top end of the motor (opposite the output shaft) for a rectangular metal tag, these do fall off at times. Or on the side of the motor on smaller ones. Really straight forward Three digit, four digit, three digit code. Such as 177-0003-004.

If you need any help with any of this please don't hesitate to call. We are always ready for a problem to solve!