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Thank you for checking out our Hydraulic Seals and Kits! In this category you will find many seal kits by manufacturer number or OEM number. Choose the appropriate category to narrow your search or use our search friendly bar on the top of the site.

CR Components can supply you with all kinds of hydraulic seals. Cylinder kits, individual seals, O-rings and O-ring kits including X-Rings and Square rings, back up rings, bushings bearings and wear rings, oil seals and grease seals, V-Packings and U-cup seals. Many designs of each of these are available and we can help with special design seals and manufacturing your own seals in quantity. We work direct with major manufacturers and have done many special application seals.

Many of our kits are sold by machine application in the "Search By Equipment" menu of our site. The kits listed here are associated with the manufacturer numbers or are not cataloged with particular machines at this time.

Thank you for letting us be your solution today!