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About Us

CR Components LLC - est.2014

CR Components was started with a goal to bring equipment owners in contact with replacement parts at a fraction of current dealer costs. Many of our items are re-manufactured here in Warsaw, Indiana. There are many great re-manufacturing facilities and manufacturers, our goal is to help bring these products to the end users. With a focus on problem solving and customer service, we aim for you and your company to have a positive experience! Most of our hydraulic products are direct replacement matching the brand and displacement pump or motor that you have. When proprietary issues limit the resale of certain items aftermarket replacement brands such as Mini Excavator drive motors we offer quality replacements, most made in Japan or Korea. Undercarriage items are aftermarket parts and of great quality. Everything comes with a warranty and is guaranteed, if you are not happy with your transaction we will be committed to finding a solution.

Letter from the CR, 

I am glad that you have found and/or chosen to work with me as a customer. One of my favorite parts of my job is talking with all of you who call in and being able to help you fix a problem. My love of problem solving is what drives me to continue to explore other options for parts, new sources, and manufacturing parts that cannot be sourced. I began CR Components in 2014 with a simple plan, do what I know how to do. Surprising enough I do know more than rebuilding hydraulics, sourcing parts and laying out a website but this is what I really enjoy for work and there is a large demand for it. Thank you John Deere, Bobcat, CASE, New Holland for helping with that. I have a history in hydraulic re-manufacturing starting in 2009 and have been in about every MCR 5 and 10 style Rexroth motor there is to be had as well as all your Sauer, Vickers and Eaton Drive pumps. If you are reading this I suppose you are curious if this is just some parts sourcing website that may or may not be real or have people that give a rip about what happens after the sale is made or if we actually have any of the stuff in the pictures and who the heck you are dealing with. Well, you are the type of person I like doing business with. You are a small business owner that repairs your own equipment, runs your own repair shop or is in charge of it. You understand how important customer service is. I try to be as up front as possible on what is in stock, what is drop shipped, what is built to order and also what may be shipping over from Great Britain on a special order and proper lead times. As you know this field of work is vast and there are endless issues with finding affordable parts so I am always on the look out for doing that whether I end up being the middle man or have to bring it in or make it myself. Thank you for your interest in my company and I am happy to be working with you!

If you are further interested in who I am, I have a Facebook Page, Linked IN, and personal Youtube channel, all of them under my full name.

Have a great day, 

Conan Romersberger
CR Components LLC
4653 N 375 E Warsaw, IN 46582

C - 574-221-1885
O - 574-387-3091

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