Case and New Holland Track Drive Motors - What is happening?  04/09/2016

Case and New Holland Track Drive Motors - What is happening? 04/09/2016

Posted by Conan on Apr 9th 2016

There have been many calls lately on the CASE and New Holland track drive motors. Some are failing at an alarmingly low hours and if you didn't know it yet, these dudes are pricey. This article is dedicated to explaining what and why these go out and what you can do to extend the life of them and also avoid having to replace the entire unit. This advice also carries over to Bobcat, Gehl, John Deere, CAT and other track loader hydraulic motors.

Here is a Two Speed version of this motor series.

The most common failure is shown here in the Gearbox end of the motor. Literally over 90 percent of them fail here.

Not a pretty sight -

What causes this failure? -

In between your motor mounting flange and your sprocket mounting flange is a seam in between the housings that rotate on each other. In the first picture above you can see this clearly. Inside this area is the Duo Cone Seals (which we offer re-manufactured with 0-rings). In the second pic you can see one is out and the other is still pressed in around the o-ring completely packed with dirt. These keep the gear oil inside the planetary housing. Your shaft seal separates your gear oil from your hydraulic oil in the motor case. Dirt, sand, etc. starts to wear into the edges of these seals and eventually gets in between them and causes your gear oil to leak out. Since there is only about a quart of oil in the case and it slowly drips out it is hard to notice unless you are very good about watching for this. Once dry then your main bearings wear or go out causing your gears to bind and literally self destruct. Cores often come in with gears shattered and bearings in pieces and sometimes the seals broken up also. Total destruction. When this happens you need a new gearbox because there is no parts available unfortunately.

New Gearbox option - 2 Speed motor (if gears are good custom priced rebuilds are available)

How can you get more hours out of it?

- Keep your sprocket area cleaned out and check your gear oil often. There are plugs in the cover facing outside, you can access without removing anything. Fill half way up after draining. If you see metal shavings in there it is most likely from your bearings you need to have it rebuilt before your gears go out. You can also remove the rear cover and clean it out more thoroughly. This will add many hours of operation to your motors and save you expensive down time. Scheduling the rebuilding of your motor is obviously much more efficient than blowing a gearbox out on a job site. I have got a call before from landscape company who was working on a hillside for a new million plus house and his machine was stuck with a bad gearbox. Not good in the eyes of the main contractor. Especially with soft dirt everywhere and rain every day after that.

What are some main parts on this drive motor we offer besides Reman motors and New Gearbox's?

Main Bearings -

New Duo Cone Seals -

Housing NUT's -

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